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Enormous losses faced by producers due to distribution of counterfeited goods which increasingly emerge at the market forces them to take measures for own product protection. A vast majority of producers try to combat distribution of counterfeited goods improving packing, changing a form of goods, using complicated polygraphic elements, numerating etc.

Spreading of computer and polygraphic technologies allows copying almost any element of packing. Even the highest level of polygraphy proves to be ineffective in protection of goods against falsification. Moreover, equipment for packing is available to everyone.

The main idea of holographic protection lies in fact that hologram production requires a range of science intensive technologies using of which demands high material costs and employment of highly skilled specialist from different branches of science and techniques. According to the foreign specialists assessments the cost of hologram forgery amounts dozens of thousands of US dollars.

At the present time only holographic security elements can provide the most effective protection against forgery. Commercial application of hologram in the countries of Western Europe and North America as a security and image element was launched approximately 30 years ago. The US, the UK and Germany were pioneers in this sphere.

The holograms are actively used for protection of banknotes, securities, documentary stamps, and visas as well as for protection of various goods. There is no need to look for alternative: the price of hologram is law for producer and thus it triggers no considerable rise in product price.

The first holographic security elements, which appeared in Ukraine, were imported at the order of GosZnak of Ukraine for protection of documents. Latter, holographic protection became a reliable tool in the combat for quality of product.

Unfortunately , small and medium enterprises could not afford application of holographic protection, as it was expensive and heavily accessible. With the advent of Scientific Technical Company “Lvivski Zachisni Technologii” holographic protection was made accessible to everyone who wants to protect product quality.

Scientific Technical Company “Lvivski Zachisni Technologii” offers a holographic protection program for all types of goods or documents basing on the hologram type, required type of protection, costs, image, positioning, volume of order etc.




Scientific Technical Company “Lvivski Zañhisni Technologii” is a company that is capable to ensure effective protection of you products. We apply individual approach to every client that opens wide opportunities for solutions of tasks, which put our clients. Choose the best. Next...