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Hologram is a very complex microstructure that produces a three-dimensional visual impression. Holographic information is recorded by laser interferential shooting. This technology allows receiving extremely bright and clear holographic elements. Three-dimensional images, iridescent colours, a wide range of optical effects make holographic products attractive and exceptional.

In other words hologram is an optical object changing colours at the whole visible range of rainbow by changing angle of observance. It can change form as well as visible dimensions of picture (animation of hologram object). Hologram can be three-dimensional.

Depending on purpose holograms can be divided into image and security holograms. Image holograms are used to improve trademark image, increase popularity of products and achieve special position at the market comparing with other competitors. Security holograms or holographic secure elements (HSE) provide the highest level of product protection.

Today, several types of holographic security elements . (HSE) are widely used in the world. They vary according to protection level, complexity of manufacturing, appearance, and materials used.

Holograms production is science intensive process that starts from technologically complicated and secret procedure of master matrix production (only few specialists master this technology in Ukraine). Working copy (shim), produced basing on master matrix, is used for further process of circulation. Each hologram is designed only once. Results of previous development are applied for further circulations. After the end of circulation the working copy is to be terminated and master matrix, which is property of customer, is to be stored by him or by the department of Security Service of Ukraine. These measures eliminate the possibility of illegal circulation.

Depending on purpose holograms are produced as adhesive membrane, hot stamping foil or lamination film. Moreover, holographic security elements can have different types of protection.







At the present time protection of products is a burning issue as modern computer and polygraphic technologies allow copying of appearance of any document or trademark. Even the most complex polygraphy does not ensure required level of protection against forgery. Specialists assert that protection of product with holographic security elements (HSE) is the most effective type of protection. Protect you quality. Next...