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Scientific Technical Company “Lvivski Zachisni Technologii” is a unique company in Western Ukraine specialized in design and production of holographic secure elements and image holograms. Our company offers all-round approach to protection of product against forgery.

Our production sight is equipped with unique high-tech equipment. Production is prepared in compliance with all international norms as to temperature regime, moisture and cleanness.

Taking into account confidentiality and security requirements production premises were equipped in compliance with all requirement for regime organization.

Specialists working for company have high polygraphic education and have undergone highly tailored educational course abroad.

Scientific Technical Company “Lvivski Zachisni Technologii” offers a holographic protection program for all types of goods or documents basing on the hologram type, required type of protection, costs, image, positioning, volume of order etc.

Our specialists will provide assistance in installing at you conveyer an application unit (unit which puts HSE on packing) and provide all necessary consultations.

At the present time we can offer economically effective variants of protection for small companies as well as exclusive image & security elements.

We offer individual approach to each client in design of holographic security elements, determining of optimal size, form, type of protection and the ways of application.

We offer cooperation to everyone who is concerned in success of own product!











Hologram provides the highest level of product production as well as opportunity to improve image of trademark. Appliance of holographic protection certifies seriousness and stability of your company. Choose hologram today and be confident in popularity of your product tomorrow. Next...